The BRIDGES KoM took place on 27th and 28th Februrary at Lavrion- Athens ( Greece), hosted by Xenios Polis.

The goals of the KoM were to introduce the partnership, share the project background, establish frameworks for successful project implementation, define upcoming activities, roles and responsibilities, establish an effective plan for the project activities.
ATLANTICA, as the project coordinator, welcomed everyone to the project and gave special thanks to XPCSA for the hosting.

All partner organizations introduced themselves, shared their personal experiences in the field of interests, and the activities.
ATLANTICA in collaboration with XPCSA made an overview presentation of the BRIDGES project regarding the objectives, the actions and the deliverables.

The partners continued with the presentation of each project intellectual outputs and the upcoming tasks.

In particular, responsible for the intellectual outputs are:

  • InEuropa srl: IO1 – Review Paper on Context

  • Meath Partnership: IO2 – Training Curriculum

  • Atlantica: IO3 – Digital Toolbox and Resources

  • Asociación Caminos: IO4 – The Methodology and Adaptation Guide