BRIDGES project is now under development phase of the literature review and surveying of real context on the best practices of teaching/training methodologies of social integration and existing supported employment models targeted to people with disabilities.

InEuropa is the Italian partner in charge of the coordination of this preliminary activity. This initial phase of the project corresponds to the state of the art of best practices, orientations and guidelines for the socio-professional integration of people with disabilities as well as the in depth assessment of environments and needs either for existing training/teaching/guidance faced of the target population.

This review will have an active and dynamic participation and cooperation of the project partners which will achieve 7 national reports (Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Germany) and a global report at a European union level.

The research and analysis of all these realities and teaching, capacity and training necessities, is being done through questionnaires, focus groups and interviews on objective data, attitudes, perceptions, background. Each partner has carried out online Focus Groups with professionals of job inclusion for disabled people, technicians, organizations in the field but also family members. These meetings are part of a survey on the operators’ needs to develop a new online training course.

All this data analysis will enable a set of guidelines that are fundamental for the achievement of project objectives (creation of a digital platform and training contents of pedagogical/technical area) and for the creation of new approaches, practices and innovative methodologies in the professional training area of this target audience.